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  • SpamGuard  201)   SpamGuard 1.0
    Removes junk emails unattended and sends emails without an email account

  • SafeKidz  202)   SafeKidz 1.0
    This program will allow you to determine which websites your children (or users) can visit. This is not filtering software and does not block websites. You create users and lists of approved websites. You get total control.

  • CT Cookie Spy  203)   CT Cookie Spy 3.0
    Ever wondered how many cookies are on your computer and where they came from? This little utility will not only show you but also lets you delete the ones you don't want. It will present you with a list of all the cookies on your computer.

  • Zero Popup 4.01  204)   Zero Popup 4.01
    A small, effective, and intelligent anti-popup software product.

  • ProxyChecker  205)   ProxyChecker 3.28
    ProxyChecker allows you to test lists of proxies. This program allows you to check just one proxy sever, or several proxy servers simultaneously. With ProxyChecker you can check for anonymous proxies, recheck a proxy, save proxies to a file, ...

  • NetPopper  206)   NetPopper 1.5
    NEW! Internet Popup Blocker & Privacy Protector. Block popups AND protect your privacy WHILE YOU SURF the internet. Includes US Department of Defense secure erasure for extra privacy!

  • Popup Squasher 2.0  207)   Popup Squasher 2.0
    A small and simple popup window closer that closes popup windows automatically.

  • SafeOffice¬†1.1  208)   SafeOffice¬†1.1
    SafeOffice protects you from being attacked through common internet apps.

  • Novasoft Messenger SPAM Blocker  209)   Novasoft Messenger SPAM Blocker 1.0
    Messenger Blocker, your answer to the Messenger popup nightmare. Messenger Blocker Stops popups forever with the click of a button!

  • BCWB  210)   BCWB 0.99
    Content management system with direct pages editing based on user W3C XSLT patterns representation.

  • SystemStable  211)   SystemStable 3.5.6
    SystemStable is the best solution to stop online threats - spyware, adware, viruses and fraud! Don't let criminals invade your privacy, SCAN YOUR PC FOR FREE and see if your PC is infected!

  • Spy-Kill  212)   Spy-Kill 1.0
    The All New version of Spy-kill is one of the easiest and fastest ways to sweep your hard drive of adware and spyware available on the web. With advanced features like Active Monitoring you can rest assured that your computer will be free !

  • PrivacyDefence  214)   PrivacyDefence 1.3
    PrivacyDefence removes unwanted browser, program and system tracks without breaking their functionality. It's fully customizable and supports 18 programs. These logs impair your confidentiality, bacause your Internet activity can be easily recovered.

  • Picture and Video Encrypt  215)   Picture and Video Encrypt 2.03b
    Make any of your videos or pictures encrypted so they cannot be viewed by anyone if they are accidently discovered, while you can easily view them yourself. Even the picture and video names can be encrypted and disguised if you wish!

  • Security Expert  216)   Security Expert
    Security expert is Designed to prevent internet commerce stealing,to prevent backdoor spyware running and even installing, to boost up computer speed, and of course, to ultimately prevent virus infection.

  • HotMilk  217)   HotMilk
    Easily remove cookies from the Internet Explorer. HotMilk lists all cookies. And you can choose which cookie should to be remove.

  • PopNot  218)   PopNot 2.0
    PopNot is an intelligent pop-up killer that prevents pop-up windows from ever appearing, with no need to set up for particular websites or keywords and without needing to wait while a new pop-up window appears and disappears.

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